QR Codes for Media and Entertainment

Implementing QR Codes in your entertainment and media marketing is beneficial, especially when it comes to capturing the attention of consumers across multiple platforms. Get inspired so your company can make use of these creative QR Code ideas.

A Social Media QR Code with the Wizcoon logo at the center encouraging viewers to scan and follow.

Meet Wizcoon

Wizcoon isn’t actually a real entertainment company, but it could be your entertainment and media conglomerate. Incorporating QR Codes into your entertainment marketing transforms your curated and print content into a mobile-adapted entertainment platform. QR Codes make it easier for your digital entertainment market to effectively reach your audience and increase the consumers of your content. Ready to take your entertainment empire to the next level? Check out these creative ways to use QR Codes and learn how you can do the same.

A logo of Wizcoon in QR Code Generator
Video QR Code on a creative director’s business card linking to their work portfolio.
Video QR Code example that offers a discount to media and entertainment

Video QR Code

Elevate your business card game

Whether you’re an Art Director, actor, or musician, having a handy reel or portfolio at all times is vital in order for you to stand out from the competition or secure a collab with a fellow creative. A Video QR Code, which can also serve as a YouTube QR Code, allows you to curate a list of videos readily available on a mobile-friendly landing page. With QR Code tech, you don’t need to carry a USB drive or multiple business cards to share your contact information or portfolio. With a simple scan, you can make sure you always have your portfolio handy, neatly stored in a QR Code gallery.

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Social media QR Code on a Wizcoon show prompting fans to follow them on their socials for more updates.
Social Media QR Code example that urges media companies to follow them online

Social Media QR Code

Market to your fan base effectively

A dedicated fan base cannot get enough of the content they love. So tap into their emotional and social behaviors by giving them a multi-platform, interactive experience with a QR Code. Recent studies have found that at least half of Americans alone get some of their news from social media, so why not create a link from TV to your social media platforms by placing a Social Media QR Code on their favorite TV shows. This can put you ahead of your competition by giving your audience more ways to connect with your brand and their favorite content.

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QR Code cross-promoting fan merchandize for the show Kimi.
Dynamic QR Code example that runs a URL

Dynamic URL QR Code

Get creative with your ad placements

Product placements and cross-promotions on TV and in movies have a long-standing history. This form of embedded marketing comes with the expectation of product advertisements reaching a wide audience. QR Codes can take this traditional marketing to new heights by directly connecting audiences to more product information or even an online store with Dynamic tech that convert link to QR Code: the Dynamic URL QR Code. Printed on the product packaging appearing on film, it’s the ultimate inception cross-marketing phenomenon.

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An Event QR Code on the Kimi show poster promoting an exclusive launch event.
A QR Code landing page that displays a school or university’s event details with a button that saves the information directly to a smartphone calendar.

Event QR Code

Don’t be a conjurer of cheap marketing tricks

We cannot all be wizened wizards in an epic fantasy adventure, capable of foretelling future calamities and unexpected twists. But you can certainly use the magic of digital tech to effectively plan events and even conjure up a bit of interactive marketing. Whether you are hosting an online meet-and-greet or a full-on yearly convention, use the power of the Event QR Code to share all details and sell tickets. You can even turn it into an easter egg hunt by hiding the QR Code in a scene, so loyal fans with spectacular observational skills can get early-bird access to the event tickets.

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An MP3 QR Code on a character’s shorts that links to the show’s soundtrack.
A QR Code landing page with a built-in MP3 player that plays an audio preview of a book.

MP3 QR Code

Meme your audience

Broaden the audience experience and level up your meme game. There’s no better way to build up your entertainment and media marketing than by meeting fans with good humor, so hide Easter egg images, messages, or featurettes throughout your media and entertainment with the help of QR Codes. You can Rick Roll moviegoers with an audio QR Code, also known as the MP3 QR Code, on cinema advertising. Or reverse it. Use QR Code generator to turn image to QR Code, create memes of beloved characters before a release, and print the QR Code on your merchandise. As fans discover your new content, they can link the scenes or soundtracks to your meme images.

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