QR Codes for Amusement Parks

Implementing QR Codes in your amusement park is beneficial, especially when it comes to increasing visitor numbers and providing a better park experience. Get inspired so your amusement park can make use of these creative QR Code ideas.

QR Code on an amusement park poster ad prompting people to scan for pricing information.

Meet Amusement Village

Amusement Village isn’t actually a real amusement park, but it could be your theme, adventure, or water park. Incorporating QR Codes into amusement parks transforms an average customer experience into an unforgettable one. QR Codes also make it easier for your venue to generate more ticket sales. Ready to take your amusement park to the next level? Check out these creative ways to use QR Codes and learn how you can do the same.

The logo for Amusement Village, a fictional amusement park created by QR Code Generator.
QR Code on a door hanger prompting people to scan and give their feedback about the food.
Food options rating/feedback for Amusement Village on a mobile-friendly landing page.

Rating QR Code

Collect customer ratings easily

Reviews and ratings are the first impressions customers get before visiting your amusement park. This is why you want to implement a system that makes it easy for visitors to rate your services and for you to respond and improve. Using a Rating QR Code on a small display sign next to all your facilities means you collect customer ratings in seconds, and they are sent directly to your inbox. All this with a single scan.

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QR Code on an amusement park ticket prompting people to scan and follow their social.
Mobile-friendly landing page to follow Amusement Village's social media.

Social Media QR Code

Grow social media followers

Strong brand awareness works towards better customer recognition, easier brand recognition, and customer loyalty. One of the best ways to boost your brand is through social media. Use a Social Media QR Code on customer tickets or wristbands and give them instant access to all your social profile links on one easy, mobile-optimized display page.

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QR Code on an amusement park poster ad prompting people to scan for pricing information.
Coupon for 50% off summer tickets at an amusement partk on a mobile-friendly landing page.

Coupon QR Code

Boost ticket sales effortlessly

Long waiting lines for ticket purchases are a thing of the past. You can improve your guests’ experience by enticing park-goers to buy tickets in advance online using a Coupon QR Code on posters in nearby local areas. Offering early bird dynamic pricing or discount deals will encourage people to book tickets in advance through your online portals. With a single scan, they get your coupon code plus a direct link to an online checkout page. No more looking up the ticket link manually and no more long waits at the ticket counter!

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QR Code on an amusement park's poster ad prompting people to scan and get their tickets.
Event and ticket information on a mobile-friendly landing page for an amusement park grand opening.

Event QR Code

Promote special events

Hosting a special seasonal event or launching a new attraction? Reach your local target audience by creating a billboard ad with an Event QR Code. Anyone who would like to register can scan the QR Code, view all the event info, register or purchase their tickets, and add the event to their digital calendar in one simple go. And if there are any unforeseen changes to the event, simply edit or update the information anytime without having to print a new QR Code.

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Amusement Park's QR Code on a window display prompting people to scan and get their app.
Mobile-friendly app landing page for Amusement Village.

App Store QR Code

Provide easy access to your park app

As more and more people shift to mobile use, it’s important for amusement parks to adapt their services to the rise of mobile apps. Theme park apps are a powerful tool that improves customer engagement and experience. Make your app installation quick and simple to download by adding an App Store QR Code to your ticket booth window. Once your customers scan the QR Code, they can view and install the relevant app store link without having to look it up manually and risk installing the wrong one.

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