QR Code Benefits: 10 Reasons To Use Them

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Imagine hosting concerts and art exhibitions in virtual spaces, connecting audiences to an entire collection of videos, pictures, and text with the simple scan of a mobile device. QR Codes are one of the best ways to keep audiences engaged and power up your marketing.

10 benefits of QR Codes

QR Codes have a unique set of features that make them ideal for boosting print materials by providing more information while using less space. By having these benefits of QR Codes in mind, you can set yourself apart from the competition and thrive in a fast-paced environment.

1. Track your progress

The QR Code Generator Dashboard shows scan metrics over time.

Collecting, aggregating, and calculating metrics helps you better understand the impact your marketing efforts have on your business profits and your brand reach.

Digital marketing already allows for consumer data gathering, which is why the QR Code’s tracking feature is invaluable in improving your traditional marketing. Each time a Code is scanned, it recognizes when, where, and with what device it took place. This detailed information, organized into comprehensive data tables, will help you measure your advertising success, so you can make any necessary adjustments during an ongoing campaign.

2. Offer more for less

An Econ branded QR Code featured on a turquoise car.

With an entire library of QR Code types to choose from, you can enrich your print and digital media creatively and engagingly. Make it easier for people to download your apps with an App QR Code or access large documents by turning them from PDF to QR Code, or simply get more information about your products through an interactive playlist of videos. This means offering audiences an endless fountain of information without adding cumbersome text to your marketing materials or dipping into your budget because of increased printing costs.

3. Fix mistakes anytime

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Bloopers and typos happen all the time. So it’s important to make sure you select marketing tools that give you the flexibility to mend those errors efficiently at any time. That’s one of the advantages of the Dynamic QR Code. Even after you have generated, printed, and launched your campaign, you can still edit the information, change the QR Code solution, and upload new pictures and videos whenever you need to. No need for recalls, no need for reprints.

4. Customizable

A hand holding a business card with a red and black QR Code printed on top of it.

The QR Code has shed its monochromatic persona. More design options for both the printed Code and the mobile-friendly landing page means you can match the colors, shapes, logos, and call-to-action (CTA) to your existing brand image. One of the benefits of using QR Codes is the freedom to customize them, so you never have to compromise on creativity when incorporating them into your design.

5. Mobile-friendly

A poster with QR Code next to a smartphone that displays event information.

In contrast to conventional linear barcodes, which require specific scanners to read them vertically, QR Codes have a square design that enables them to be scanned both horizontally and vertically, making them compatible with smartphones. In fact, most phones can read a QR Code, with older models requiring a separate app, while newer ones have built-in QR Code readers in their cameras.With this sophisticated functionality, users can effortlessly access an array of mobile experiences by simply scanning a QR Code.

6. Drives engagement

A pink and white pamphlet with a QR Code next to a smartphone displaying social media icons.

When talking about QR Code benefits, it's impossible not to mention how interactive they are. Seeing an ad on a billboard is one thing, but actively engaging with it on the spot is a whole new level. QR Codes inspire action! What used to be a static ad turns into a memorable user experience. When users scan the QR Code, they can be instantly transported to a social media page, an online shop, or a competition link, allowing them to respond and interact rather than just passively disengage. Try the Social Media QR Code to link all of your socials or the Dynamic URL QR Code to connect your users to a link of your choice.

7. Easy and safe payment options

Two women in a retail store and a QR Code tent at the point of sale counter.

The growing prevalence of smartphone usage and the popularity of digital wallets like Google Pay and Apple Pay have led to an increased demand for contactless payment options. QR Codes have emerged as a simple and convenient solution for making payments without any hassle. By digitizing payments through QR Codes, customers can enjoy enhanced security since their data is not exposed at the point of purchase (POP). We acknowledge that QR Code safety is a valid concern for users, which is why we have addressed this topic in detail on our blog!

8. Contactless

: A festival goer presents a QR Code mobile ticket while someone scans it using a scanner.

Many companies embraced QR Codes as a solution for facilitating touch-free interactions in the pandemic era. They made various transitions, like replacing traditional paper menus with QR Code menus and enabling smartphone-based payments via scanning. Beyond that, industries such as event management, transportation, and hospitality also gleaned the advantages of using QR Codes.

For example, in the airline industry, passengers can conveniently check in for flights by using a QR Code ticket as their boarding pass. Similarly, in the event industry, organizers can save time by getting their guests to present their QR Codes at the entry, allowing for smoother and faster admission, while reducing waiting in queues.

9. Versatile across multiple channels

Blue product packaging with QR Code at the bottom next to smartphone displaying videos of cupcakes.

QR Codes serve as a seamless pathway between offline and online experiences. With QR Codes, users can access websites, social media pages, videos, and other content without manually typing in web addresses, usernames, or links. This ease of access makes QR Codes an excellent tool for launching omnichannel experiences.

For instance, retailers can leverage QR Codes to set up points within their stores where customers can instantly visit their website, explore product information, and even redeem discounts—all with a simple scan. This integration enhances the overall customer experience and potentially promotes customer loyalty. If you want to up your retail game for your customers, learn what a shop QR Code can do for your business.

10. Cost-effective

Anna Cafe’s pink, blue, and mint business cards that have QR Codes on opposite sides.

Marketing and advertising, whether digital or print, can be pricy. But that’s why QR Codes are an appealing alternative to traditional forms of marketing and advertising. Instead of investing exorbitant amounts of money into costly campaigns, you can reduce costs by blending print and digital media in a frictionless fashion—even on a budget. For instance, you could print a TikTok QR Code on your product packaging directing customers to captivating content on the platform, or use our video to QR Code solution that leads visitors to a YouTube video about your brand.

QR Code best practices

Are you new to the QR Code universe and need some pointers? Here are some nifty tips to keep in mind so you can fully reap all the QR Code benefits!

Include a CTA

Similar to enticing your audience to click on a link using an irresistible call-to-action button, the same principle applies to encouraging them to scan your pixelated square using an effective QR Code call-to-action. When you customize your QR Code, you’ll get to choose a CTA frame and color, along with the text that will inspire more scans.

Integrate branding

By putting branding at the forefront of your QR Code design, you ensure consistent brand uniformity. With customization options, you can easily infuse your brand colors into the QR Code and even add your brand logo. This way, when your audience scans the QR Code, they'll quickly recognize your brand

Choose Dynamic QR Codes

Dynamic QR Codes are a game-changer for marketing campaigns. They give you the freedom to update content, fix mistakes, or even change the QR Code solution. Plus, with these dynamic features, you can easily track and measure your campaign's performance, getting a clear idea of the success of your campaign. Curious about the battle between Static vs Dynamic QR Codes? Learn about the differences and weigh up the pros and cons to see what works best for your company or brand.

Test and proofread

Before printing or downloading your QR Code, make sure you've added all the right content and information. Take a moment to double-check your links and proofread your content. Avoid rushing to finish, as mistakes can easily slip through. As a final step, take the time to scan your QR Code on different mobile devices. This way, you can ensure everything is working smoothly and error-free. Once you've confirmed that it's all good, your QR Code is ready to be published!


  • Run affordable marketing campaigns on a budget.
  • Drive traffic to your website and social media channels.
  • Get trackable scan metrics to reach your target audience.
  • Link customers from the offline world to the online world.
  • Create an omnichannel experience for customers.

  • Share information faster.
  • Speeds up point of sale with secure payment options.
  • Enhances customer engagement.
  • Directs customer communication.
  • Versatility makes them useful for a variety of purposes.

  • Since QR Codes can store more information than barcodes, they are much more convenient for sharing large amounts of information.
  • While QR Codes are compatible with most modern mobile devices, barcodes can only be read by a specific scanning device.
  • Unlike barcodes, QR Codes can be fully customized, including the pattern, colors, and brand logo, whereas barcodes have limited customization options.

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