The Ultimate Guide to vCard Plus

With vCard Plus, sharing your contact details has gotten a whole lot more powerful. To get you started, we've put together a definite guide on how to make the most out of your vCard Plus.

1 | What is the vCard Plus?

The vCard Plus is your digital business card. For every QR Code, you will get a mobile-optimized web page that displays information you provide such as your name, phone numbers, address, job title, social media accounts and more. You can even design your vCard Plus with custom colors and add a profile photo so you can impress customers with your own unique style.

You can not only share your vCard Plus as a QR Code on your business cards, but also link to it in your email signature or on your website. Your page can be viewed on any smartphone, tablet or desktop.

2 | Why do I need a vCard Plus?

Is making new contacts crucial to your business? Do you want to provide customers an easier way to contact you? Or maybe you simply like the idea of having a mobile page for networking. If the answer is yes, the vCard Plus is for you. Here are the top 5 perks:

Impress Your Network

Get your own custom website for all your information. Functionality meets style as you share contact details with your design.

Get more contacts

By tapping a single button, users can add your info straight to their address book fast and easy, without the hassle of typing.

Update frequently

If you get a new phone number or your office location changes, you can easily update your vCard Plus and make sure that everyone gets your current info.

Add more information

Provide way more information to your network than a typical business card. Include your profile photo and social media accounts.

Share everywhere

Because your vCard Plus has its own link, you can include it to your messages, signatures, website or whenever you don't have a business card to give out.

3 | What can I put on my vCard Plus?

Your vCard Plus can hold a lot more information than a typical business card.

Profile picture and custom background colors

Name and job title

Instant call or email

Map view of your location

Short text to welcome visitors or add more information

Basic contact details

Social media links

Optional sharing on social media

Button to save contact details to device or send them by email

4 | How do I get more out of my vCard Plus?

Here are Cody's Top 10 Tips to make your vCard Plus even better.

Design with your corporate colors

When desinging your vCard Plus, use your brand colors for a professional look ― this also applies to the design of QR Codes in general.


Upload a Profile Photo

Choose a friendly image to add an approachable personality to your vCard and build trust with customers.


Include social media

Get users to know you online. Don't want to add your personal accounts? Add your company's social page instead!


Say hello

Add a personal touch by writing a welcome message in the ‚About Me‘ section of your vCard Plus.


Update Frequently

Keep info such as your phone number and address always relevant. Even if you have to print new business cards, old cards will still get an update.


Customize your short URL

Customize the short URL of your vCard Plus with your name like


Get more scan with call-to-action

Give a reason for people to scan your QR Code. A simple "Scan to save my contact" will get them started.


Share more

Place your QR Code or link in multiple places like your email signature and messages to make even more contacts.


Use statistics

View when, where and how many people have scanned your vCard Plus. All stats are collected in real-time to keep you in the know.


See Where your Visitors Come from

Using the same QR Code in different places? Better create a single Code for each media to see where you can reach your largest audience.

5 | Where should I place my vCard Plus?

Show off your vCard Plus in many different ways.

Business Cards

Place your vCard Plus on printed business cards to make it easier for your contacts to save your details and get in touch with you.

Email signatures

Add your link or QR Code to your emails. The vCard Plus is fully integrated with Outlook and works seamlessly on any device.


Similar to the email signature, you can add the link or QR Code to your website, contact form and social media pages to get connected with your visitors quick.

CV & Job Applications

Be a standout candidate by adding a vCard Plus next to your contact details on your resume. It's the easiest way to make it into the recruiter's contact list.

Through with this guide? Get started now.

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