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What are QR Code Frames good for?

Frames are unique add-ons to help make QR Codes stand out on marketing items. Every Frame comes with an icon and engaging customizable call-to-action based on the QR Code type you’ve created. They encourage QR Code scanning because these well-designed Frames give a hint to users on what type of content they can expect. People are more likely to scan QR Codes when they’re instructed on how to do it and are clear on what they’ll get in return.

How do I download Frames?

You can get QR Code Frames directly in the software while logged into your account. In the Manage view, click on Download next to your QR Code and then the software will guide you through the Frame design and download process.

How to use QR Code Frames

Since Frames can be customized based on your marketing campaign, they can go anywhere your QR Code does. Here are some examples on how to use Frames:
When promoting a mobile app, use the “Get the App” Frame with the App QR Code for your website and magazine ads.
Asking for customer reviews? Use the “Rate us” Frame with the Rating QR Code to place on your Thank You notes and comment cards.
Want more followers? Use the “Follow us” Frame with the Social Media QR Code to place on product labels and packaging.
For giving away deals and discounts, use the “Get Coupon” Frame with the Coupon QR Code to place on your seasonal brochures and catalogs.
To share contact details conveniently, use the “My Contact” Frame with the vCard Plus to put on your business cards and name tags.
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