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A marketer’s guide to the App QR Code

The App QR Code comes with a mobile-friendly page to make it convenient for anyone to download your app instantly from any app store. With design capabilities to make it your own and features like social media sharing, check out this guide for an effective app marketing.
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1 | What is the App QR Code?

The App QR Code is the practical way for customers to download your app from their designated app store. With a simple scan, your custom QR Code leads to a branded mobile page to display details about your app and include links to multiple app stores. Customers can easily send your page by email and share it with their friends on social media. Even with updates, you can easily edit your page anytime. The QR Code also comes with a short URL for any type of promotional campaign.

2 | What are the features of the page?


Make it easy for your customers to download your app by linking to multiple app stores. They can quickly tap and get to the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, or Amazon Appstore.


Display your developer or brand and app name, upload your own logo, and give insights about the app like how to use it, what’s new on the latest version update, and any promotions or incentives to download your app.


Keep the audience in your world by adding an optional button to link to your app video trailer, social media page or any website.


The page can be customized so that it reflects your app theme. Choose colors, upload a logo, and design the add-on welcome screen for customers to see while your page loads.


Update the description or app logo as needed without having to create a new page or QR Code.


Everyone can forward your app page to their friends with an interactive button to share by email or social media.


Advertise your page using either a QR Code or short URL. Whether printing on a display or including it in an email, it’s up to you.


From your account, view the total number of scans, dates, and location for each scan on your QR Code. Statistics can help you adapt and improve your social media marketing strategy over time.


View the page on any smartphone, tablet and desktop regardless of screen size.

3 | What info can I put on the page?

App name and brand
or developer name

App logo

App description

Optional button

App store buttons

Share button

Custom color background

External website

4 | How should I design my page?


Adding colors can be inviting to customers visiting your page. Choose a color scheme that reflects your app or brand personality.

Welcome screen

For a few seconds, visitors can see a welcome screen while your page is loading. Use this opportunity for advertising and display your official logo or an image of your brand name.

5 | How can I promote my App QR Code?


After branding your page, you can promote it with a QR Code and short URL. Print the Code on displays, banners, signs and promotional items such as flyers, stickers, bags, hats, etc.


Add your QR Code and/or short URL in your email signature, e-newsletters, social media and basically anywhere online.

Add a Call to Action

Whether your QR Code is printed or shared online, the best way to get customers scanning is by telling them what to expect like “Download App” next to the Code. Or, you could take the easy way and use our custom QR Code Frames made specifically for the App QR Code.
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