How QR Codes for Video Marketing will Make Your Strategy a Breeze

How is it possible to combine an online video marketing campaign with your print or offline strategy? 

If you’re set to create a video marketing campaign, there’s one easy option that helps you tackle both: a Video QR Code. Featuring trackable metrics and an easy-recognizable appeal for consumers across the board, it’s the versatility of this QR Code that makes it a winner. Using video in digital marketing can help your brand find success across multiple channels, and with the opportunities QR Code tracking affords, it’s time to integrate a QR Code marketing campaign into your video marketing strategy.

Video based marketing: a guide

With its high visibility and increasing relevancy, online video marketing has become more relevant than ever. Plus, the accessibility of smartphone technology has made user-generated video content easier than ever to create; on social media, it has pretty much taken over some platforms, and even YouTube itself reports that 70% of views are made on a digital device

Tell your brand’s story with video content marketing

One big reason why video works so well for brands is because it’s a form of content marketing. What is video marketing in relation to content marketing? It’s a vital component from the imagery, text, and video trinity that content marketers utilize to convey a brand message to customers.

There are many reasons why video content marketing is good for brands. But among them are:

  • How shareable video is on social media.
  • How appealing video is for smartphone users.
  • The long-term ROI — creating video content might seem like a huge initial investment, but ultimately, it pays off.

Video marketing is also a huge opportunity to build brand awareness through storytelling and to develop your messaging more deeply and effectively than with just text and static imagery.

Noteworthy video marketing statistics

Without question, the internet-using public loves to watch videos. It’s a shift in content consumption that has direct consequences for marketers. As compiled by Biteable and reported by Forbes, it’s expected that video will make up an incredible 82% of online consumer traffic by 2022, while 73% of adults in the US use YouTube, which is more than Facebook and Instagram. 

Entertaining, engaging, and informative, video is a perfect all-rounder. For the world of online video marketing, it’s also a surefire way to boost sales: in a 2020 survey from Animoto, 93% of brands said they got a new customer because of video viewed on social media. 

Why should you share videos with a Video QR Code?

Now that it’s clear why video content is so important, let’s talk about a great way to share it: by using a video marketing QR Code. Like all QR Code solutions, each QR Code resembles a dotted square — and it’s this square shape that allowed the QR Code to gain a massive advantage over its cousin, the Barcode.

a QR Code versus a barcode
Left: QR Code, Right: Barcode

How do QR Codes work? It’s mostly because they’re 2D. Unlike their predecessor, the Barcode, QR Codes can be read both vertically and horizontally. In comparison with the 1D Barcode, which can only be read horizontally, this 2D format allows QR Codes to store even larger amounts of data, which can then be processed and loaded very quickly. 

In practice, this means that when a user scans a Video QR Code, they’re directed to an online video clip pretty much instantly. This makes it perfect for sharing videos on a mixture of print and digital materials, and as a video marketing QR Code can reach both desktop and mobile users, it can furnish your campaign with trackable results.

a Video QR Code and the mobile-optimized landing page after scanning
Demo version of a custom Video QR Code made with QR Code Generator.    

Track and analyze video marketing campaigns

All Dynamic URL QR Codes made with QR Code Generator software come with valuable tracking metrics, including location data by city and country, time scanned, operating device used, and unique vs. total scans. This allows you to compare and test marketing campaigns across different time periods, locations, or even different devices you would like to appeal to (maybe you have an iPhone or Android-only product, for example). Furthermore, all our QR Code designs are automatically optimized for mobile, so you can be sure to reach both types of users.

The scan metrics offered with QR Code Generator PRO — scans over time, by operating system, by country, and top cities
Demo version of QR Code tracking with QR Code Generator.

Pro tip: You can even integrate QR Code video marketing campaigns with Google Analytics so that you follow your customer’s entire journey from the QR Code scan to purchase (or whichever action is valuable for your customer to make). To learn more about this, check out our overview

Calculate ROI for print materials

Having trouble estimating the actual ROI (return on investment) for your billboard or poster? QR Codes kick this problem to the curb! Because QR Codes come with so much tracking capability, you can determine the exact connection between print materials and the income they generated, and see the efficacy of your print campaigns in action.

Video QR Code in a print newspaper ad prompting readers to scan and watch a video about the company
An example of a Video QR Code in a print newspaper.

Always customizable and editable

If you make your QR Codes with QR Code Generator, get ready to welcome endless customization possibilities! All of our QR Codes (even Static QR Codes from our QR Code API) can be customized with specific brand or graphic colors, include a logo or image inside the QR Code, come with custom QR Code frames and fun edges, and can feature an eye-catching CTA (call-to-action) to clarify what you’re using your QR Code for.

Customization and download screen in a QR Code Generator PRO account
QR Code Generator customization software.

In addition, all Dynamic QR Codes are editable anytime, anywhere. This means that if you need to update your link or even change your video marketing QR Code type, such as changing out a video trailer for an app, you can do so without changing the QR Code’s original appearance. This saves on time and costs, particularly for print materials.

Pro tip: If you want to take your custom QR Code from drab to fab, give your QR Code style.

Examples of marketing with videos using QR Codes

QR Codes are perfectly adapted to digital platforms like email marketing, social media, or landing pages for your website. By using QR Codes for your video marketing strategy, however, it’s possible to integrate video in ways you never previously thought: everything from product packaging and poster ads to product tags can be designed to fit a Video QR Code. 

For some inspiration on how you can create a video marketing campaign to put your Video QR Codes into good use, we have taken a deep dive into some examples below.

Share ingredient sourcing for restaurants

As a popular chain restaurant, you want to make sure that your ingredients always maintain a quality that meets customer standards, especially with society’s current push towards sustainable and eco-friendly food production. 

To showcase how sustainable your ingredients are, you can add a Video QR Code to your product packaging that tells the story behind where you source your products from. Now it’s crystal clear for customers, no matter if they purchase your products in person or check out your brand beforehand. It’s also easy for these customers to then share this video on social media and spread the word.

Video QR Code on a restaurant's to-go packaging prompting people to scan and watch a video about how their ingredients are picked.
Example of a Video QR Code on restaurant food packaging.

Enhance retail products with celebrity video content

Whether they’re marketed as the hottest new drop-in street style or a performance upgrade for the sporting elite, sneakers are serious business — and are often endorsed by the very celebrities, style-makers, and athletes who wear and design them. 

The video content marketing potential for this is huge: build on your brand story by adding a Video QR Code to the shoebox and include an exclusive clip of your shoes on the famous endorser. For consumers and sneakerheads, it’ll make the temptation to share their new shoes on their social media channels even harder to resist.

Video QR Code on a shoe box prompting people to scan and watch what their athletes are up to
Example of a Video QR Code on sports shoe packaging.

Product assembly and instructions in video format on product packaging

Your new gadget has arrived, and you cannot wait to take it out of the box and set it up. There’s only one problem — you cannot figure out how it’s actually supposed to work. Sound familiar? We have all been there. Even when a supposedly simplified manual is included, it can still prove to be an ordeal (think of dreaded IKEA furniture assembly). 

Lessen your product returns by adding a Video QR Code to the product packaging so that customers can have a visual, step-by-step guide on how to use it.

QR Code on product packaging prompting people to scan and watch a tutorial about the juicer
Example of a Video QR Code used to share a tutorial on product packaging.

Share your brand story as a fashion retailer

For smaller clothing brands and startups trying to crack a market dominated by the industry’s big names and conglomerates, it’s your brand’s unique story that can elevate you above the rest. Video offers you the opportunity to share your story across many channels and educate your customer base.

If you’re looking for video content that’s synchronized, shareable, and trackable, use a Video QR Code. You can add it to product tags, email marketing campaigns, and social media to ensure that you build brand awareness — and your style is everywhere consumers look. 

Video QR Code on a fashion product tag prompting people to scan and learn more about the brand values
Example of a Video QR Code on a fashion product tag.

Showcase new video game trailers

The gaming community is growing — more than three billion people the world over are now considered to be part of its ranks. It also lives for the next, newest thrill — blockbuster game releases and consoles are big news — giving developers ample opportunity to learn more about its diversity through a video marketing campaign.

To learn more about which markets are reacting to the hype around your upcoming release, a carefully planned print campaign featuring Video QR Code clips and snippets of gameplay can help lead the way. That way, you can see exactly where your game sparks interest, and use it to build on your strategy.

Video QR Code on a video game poster ad prompting people to watch the trailer for a new game
Example of a Video QR Code on a video game trailer poster.

Using QR Codes for video marketing can really help bring your brand to life. And when video content is taking over, why not lean into its benefits? Product packaging, building brand awareness, and connecting with customers are no longer confined to the binary experience of print for one kind of marketing, vs online video marketing for another. In video content marketing terms, a true multi-channel strategy is now possible — and it’s all thanks to the Video QR Code.

Aoife McKeown

Originally from Belfast, Northern Ireland, Aoife has been living and working in Berlin, Germany, since 2012. Her work focuses on creative writing, editing, and marketing copywriting, and she’s currently a Content Writer with Egoditor. Feel free to connect with Aoife on LinkedIn or reach out to her via her website.

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