Using QR Codes for Business Cards and Other Awesome Business Examples

QR Codes for business cards has become one of the most exciting ways to display a digital business card as they provide extra space, more customization, and appealing graphics. This is just one of the many uses of QR codes for business, providing a multitude of industries with endless advantages.

How does a QR Code work?

A QR Code is composed of pixelated dots that are customized to hold both horizontally and vertically displayed information. It uses a square shape and was developed in order to convey various types of information quickly. Smartphones have enabled QR Code counts to have a massive amount of uses across many industries. Typical industries include marketing, product packaging and logistics, though they also have advantages for personal use.

What is a QR Code made of?

A few basic elements make up a QR Code, including sections that determine how the Code should be read, what version it is, formatting details, and error tolerance. Using seven different design elements in total, a QR Code can quickly be read and convey mass amounts of information for users.

Use it with a scanning app

Due to smartphones, it’s super easy to use QR Codes because of scanning apps. Smartphones have many options for free QR Code scanning apps. Even the iPhone has now been designed to scan QR Codes directly with its camera. Whether you use your iPhone camera or a scanning app, a touch of a button now makes it possible to scan QR Codes no matter the location.

How to make QR Codes for business cards

A great way to make QR Codes for business cards is by using a vCard Plus QR Code, which is a digital version of a business card. The benefit though is that it holds even more information than a traditional business card because you don’t have a space limitation. Here are a few of the elements that you can include when making QR Codes for business cards.

Provide contact details and location

Every business card needs the essentials of your full name, phone number, email address, and title. But with a vCard Plus QR Code, now you can also include your office information on a map. This is especially useful if bringing more foot traffic through networking efforts is one of your goals.

Use a description

In many cases, a traditional business card doesn’t have space to include a description. If you’re looking to find a job, networking with specific business partners, or find clients, you can add a description of what your goal is with each person. Then even after you’ve finished meeting, the person remembers why you’ve given your business card.

Add an image

It can also be tricky to include a photo on a business card due to space limitations. Now no matter what information you need on the business card, there is also space for a photo.

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