How to Use QR Codes at Farmer’s Markets for Your Vendor

On an early Saturday morning, vendors, at the farmer’s market wait for the bustling crowd to arrive. The aroma of coffee beans and the smell of baked goods fills the air with anticipation. The people march in; slowly and then all at once. One person reaches into their pocket for a phone to scan a QR Code in exchange for a warm loaf of bread wrapped in a brown paper bag. 

Another person marvels about the origin of coffee beans while waiting in line at the coffee stand. Another eyeballs a jewelry stand and follows the vendor’s social media channel all made possible with a QR Code solution. The list goes on and on with all these possible scenarios. But we want you to take the leap by bringing the tech-savvy into the farmer’s market. Are you ready?

What is a farmer’s market?

A farmer’s market is a physical marketplace where local farmers, growers, and vendors sell their local produce. A farmer’s market isn’t just limited to a freshly picked harvest — you’ll find appetizing food stalls, coffee vendors, juice bars, and much more.

Beyond all the organic produce you can pile into a thatched wooden basket, you can find a flurry of fabulous stalls. So whether you want to get your grocery shopping out of the way with the freshest local produce you can get your hands on or support the local mushroom forager for your fungi fix, a farmer’s market is a vibrant community place. 

With that being said, farmer’s markets do place a special emphasis on supporting local farmers, growers, and vendors (super for the economy) — along with a strong eco-friendly objective.

Why using QR Codes at farmer’s markets is the bee’s knees

Easy payment options

No loose change, no problem! Vendors benefit from having as many payment options as possible. You’ve got to be thinking of the person who doesn’t carry cash on them or forgets their wallet. Prep for these situations by having an abundance of payment options for both the digitally savvy and tech-illiterate client. Avoid the hassle with the QR Code Generator, so your customer can use an EPC QR Code for making payments with their smartphone.

All-powerful tracking features

QR Codes are split into 2 groups: static and dynamic. Without going into too much detail, the major difference between static and dynamic QR Code is that static can’t be tracked or edited after it’s created whereas dynamic can be edited and tracked as many times as you want. If you want to get the most out of the almighty tracking features, your best option is the Dynamic QR Code. This QR Code tracking feature is a marketing tool from the heavens.  

Not at all like the menacing all-seeing-eye from Lord of the Rings that monitors your every move but more like an omniscient figure who provides you with marketing metrics about your customers that help you with any campaign you may launch.

Connects offline to online

If you’re selling your goods at the farmer’s stall, you’re a business owner now. Welcome to the universe of entrepreneurship. Let that sink in. But don’t just settle for a brick-and-mortar kind of business — you would be doing yourself an injustice. If you want to fly, taking your business online is exactly what will make your biz soar. You want your customers to be able to find you after they’ve browsed or purchased at your stall, right? An online presence will help you achieve that. 

The great news is that your farmer stall can narrow the gulf between your physical business and online presence —  with a QR Code that is. By displaying a QR Code on any print materials at your stand whether that’s a Social Media QR Code for liking your new Facebook page, or a Dynamic URL QR Code to link to your spanking new website, you’ll increase your chances of online traffic.

What to do at a farmers market?

Folks, young and old, hipsters and non-hipsters alike gather at farmer’s markets for reasons beyond buying organic produce or freshly-squeezed orange and ginger juice. It’s not merely a produce market, it’s a meeting place for friends, family, and don’t forget — furry friends — dogs. 

Every farmer’s market has its distinct vibe. It varies. Many city farmer’s markets create a festive atmosphere with live music and international food stalls. Some outdoor markets have vintage clothing or book sales, while others sell plants or herbs. It all depends on the location, the season, and the vendors involved.

How to integrate QR Codes at your farmer’s market stall

If you have or thinking about starting a farmer’s stall, you might be wondering how to get more foot traffic to your stall — and yes, friendly doggy paws do count! QR Codes can bring new life to your farmer stall, making it instantly recognizable to passersby offline, and onlookers online. Trust me, once you understand the know-how, you’ll be roping in more customers than you can count.

#1 Product signage on local produce

There’s a better way to put your local produce on display: forget the price tags, use QR Codes instead! Whatever you’re selling, there’s a story behind it and your target market wants to know all about it. 

If you’re selling farm-fresh organic produce, crafting together your brand story of how your food’s grown, the sustainable farming methods you’re using, or how you care for your livestock, for example, is an intriguing selling point for the eco-friendly customer. Try creating a PDF QR Code for customers to read or a Video QR Code, for the visual learners who need that extra stimulation.

A woman standing next to a QR Code product label at a veggie stand.
QR Codes reveal product information about organic produce. Source: Alesia Kozik from Pexels.

#2 Product packaging

Sending your customers away with brand-friendly packaging is an act of spreading your brand’s awareness from person to person. It’s a token to remember you by when a whole week has passed since they’ve purchased your product. Product packaging is a walking billboard of your brand identity but it’s also another way to convey your product info. 

The only caveat is that you have limited space on your packaging. Not with QR Codes. By creating a QR Code for products, you’ll design a brand-friendly Business QR Code with all your business page info you want to share. So don’t sleep on the packaging — you’ll thank us later.

Bees Foundation honey jar displayed next to its box with a QR Code on it.
Bees Foundational product packaging for their honey entices the customer to scan the QR Code.

#3 Brand merchandise

You’re not just a seller at a farmer’s stand, you’re a brand ambassador. At every moment, you’re representing your brand’s identity — from the products, the packaging, to the clothes you wear. There’s an easy way to represent your brand at your farmer’s stand and it starts with your clothes. Slapping on a custom apron, tee, or headwear is hella cute, adding a QR Code on clothing, now that’s dope.

Branded merch is timeless. When people wear your merch, they become your brand ambassadors. Take Dunkaroos, a cookie company from the ’90s was discontinued in 2012 only to be brought back from the grave in 2020. More, they’re selling clothing merch that’s got 90’s babies gagging. 

Of course, you don’t have to go big (unless you want to) — start with something that people are royally obsessed with: stickers. It’s an unusual obsession, you’d expect that from elementary school goers, we know. Maybe it’s nostalgia from all the times your teacher gave you merits for good behavior? Anyhow, there’s an unexplainable satisfaction when you paste a sticker onto a notepad, fridge, or laptop. 

But do you know what could make your branded sticker irresistible to curious eyes? QR Code stickers. Pair that with a Coupon QR Code, and you’ll have an army of ambassadors. Don’t be surprised when you have more people asking about your stickers at your farmer’s stand — you asked for it. 

Energy Berries’ Coupon QR Code sticker.
Get more people lining up at your stand with a special discount.

#4 Business cards

Competition can be cutthroat in business but that doesn’t mean you have to play a vicious game to get to the top. A better strategy is collaboration. Teaming up and fostering connections with your fellow vendors will get you way further. Why? Running a business is full of ebbs and flows, so during the tough terrain, you need allies you can trust. 

Make it your mission to establish a web of connections from the get-go. Take your products over to other vendors to try or take home, as you would treat a new neighbor. If the introduction is going smooth, exchange contact details. Or better, whip out a vCard QR Code. A vCard, short for virtual contact card, is a digital version of the QR Code business card that makes networking child’s play. 

No need to type in a long list of contact details if it’s saved on your vCard QR Code. Store your email address, phone number — heck, even your social media page so that your connection can cyber-stalk you (in the best way possible) and save your contact directly onto their smartphone.

William Barry uses his bottle green Bilberries Hillside Farm’s vCard to make connections at the farmer’s market.
Connect, exchange, and foster new business relationships with your fellow vendors with a Bilberries Hillside Farm’s vCard.

#5 Tabletop displays

Your farmer stall is not just a farmer’s stall (give yourself some credit) —  it’s your pop-up store. The moment people walk into the farmer’s market, they’re unconsciously making decisions of whether to gaze, stop, or purchase something at your stall. 

A farmer’s market is a circus of sensory input — the sight, the smell, the sound, the taste, the touch, are a feast for the senses. With so much happening, all at once, it’s easy for your stall to be overlooked, even if you have pedigree products. The goal is to have a stall so visually striking that it’s Instragrammable.

Tabletop displays add a layer of creativity and organization to your stall. More, they’re mini-billboards that boost product and brand awareness. A display we have in mind for you are table tents — equal parts eye-catching and equal parts brilliant for marketing. 

One way to get people closer and closer to your stand is strategically placing a QR Code table tent in the eye view of your customers. Captivate them with special deals on your products with a Coupon QR Code or lead them to your social media channels with the Social Media QR Code. Grab the attention of your customers, and you’ll gain more foot traffic and online traffic, with just one QR Code table tent.

La Cucina QR Code table tents attract customers to their stall and social media page.
Place these bad boys to catch the attention of your customers.

#6 Board posters

In our ordinary trips to the grocery store, it’s unlikely that you have a meet-and-greet with your local farmer, butcher, or forager. That’s part of the down-to-earth appeal you’ll find at a farmer’s market — the distance between you and the product you’re buying is so much closer. It’s a warm, communal feeling when you meet the farmer who’s dug into the soil and harvested the food you’re purchasing.  

This is a rare opportunity for both the customer and vendor. And you’d want to milk that. After all, a big part of being a vendor at a farmer’s market is connecting with your customers. Answering any questions they have about your product gives them further insight into your product/s and brand. 

Stay friendly and open to conversation at all times, and be on the lookout for anyone who’s eyeing your booth from a distance —  and why wouldn’t they? Your booth is on fire! Remember, you’re the brand ambassador. The way you engage with your customers colors their perception of your brand. If they connect with you, they connect with your brand. You’re giving the most tangible feeling of your brand, so make it count!

Don’t be afraid to bring your rocking personality to your stall as well as your passion for your products and business. Keep in mind that you’re meeting customers at various touchpoints on the customer journey. 

If you keep your customers happy (we have faith in you), ask them for feedback. The simplest way to do this is with a Rating QR Code. Once you have your customer’s input, you also have a better idea of who your niche market is. 
If you’re looking for a big statement piece for your booth, a QR Code poster on top of a board is a farmer’s market essential.

The Green Grocer gets feedback with a simple touch of a Rating QR Code. Photo by Laura James from Pexels.

Setting up a farmer’s stall at a farmer’s market isn’t rainbows and sunshine — no, sir. You need a mountain of resources, a few trusted allies, state-of-the-art products, and so much more. But with QR Codes, we’ve got you covered in the marketing department with a wide array of QR Code solutions.

Robyn Albertyn

Robyn Albertyn is a content writer for Bitly from Cape Town, South Africa. She’s previously written about preventative health and wellness, and specializes in creative writing and copywriting. When she’s not writing, you’ll find her hiking up majestic mountains, or discovering the best coffee hotspots in her city. Feel free to say hi to her on LinkedIn.

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