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From sustainability in fashion to robotic bartenders, here are the top QR Code stories you missed.

Tokyo pop-up hires robotic bartender

Image by Tim Kelly of reuters.com

The Zeroken Robo Tavern in Tokyo has hired a robotic bartender to serve drinks to commuters at the bustling Ikebukuro train station. The futuristic pop-up is part of a pilot scheme to test how customers respond to being served by a machine instead of a human.

So, how will customers communicate with the robot? QR Codes play a key role. First, patrons must pay for their drinks at an automated kiosk. Then they’ll receive a QR Code to present to the robot, which will scan the code and make the drinks they requested. Read the full story.

Jameson launches personalized QR Code bottles for St Patrick’s Day

Jameson whiskey is celebrating its heritage this St Patrick’s Day with customizable bottles, designed by Dublin-based illustrator Stephen “Hephee” Heffernan.

The label, of course, features quirky nods to the drinking culture associated with Ireland’s patron saint, as well as a QR Code on the neck that customers can scan to customize their own label. Those who scan and take part will be entered for a chance to win their very own personalized, limited edition bottle. Read the full story.

California doubles down on QR Code cannabis regulation

The California Bureau of Cannabis Control has proposed emergency regulations that would require state-licensed cannabis businesses to display QR Codes on their store windows. The regulations are being proposed a month after a campaign was launched to encourage businesses to use QR Codes voluntarily.

If the regulations are put into action, the QR Codes would need to display information such as license status, address, and location. Cannabis businesses would also need to have their QR Code to hand when transporting cannabis. Read the full story.

QR Codes help ethically minded fashion brands

Image by Clement Pascal of anothertomorrow.com

Fashion brand Another Tomorrow has launched with a collection of clothing staples. Each item in the range has a label affixed with a QR Code. Shoppers can scan to check everything from where the piece was made to where its materials were sourced, down to the exact roll of fabric used.

QR Codes are playing a central role in increasing transparency between consumers and sustainable fashion brands. Gabriela Hearst’s SS20 collection also features QR Code labels that let shoppers know each garment’s country of origin, carbon footprint and the story behind the design. Read the full story.

Thailand to introduce QR Codes for cross-border payments

Thailand is set to leverage QR Codes to facilitate cross-border digital payments with Asean members. Right now, members struggle to carry out international transactions, due to a lack of digital payment platforms able to process multiple currencies in a short timeframe.

Soon, businesses in Thailand will be able to make cross-border payments to Singapore, Myanmar, and Cambodia using QR Codes, with the facility expected to go online during 2020. Read the full story.

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