5 Original QR Code Date Ideas for Your Dating Life

“QR Codes are so romantic,” said nobody…ever. But don’t you dare underestimate these pixelated square-shaped grids they’re a lot more romantic than you think. You may be skeptical, and we get it.  

QR Codes are usually for business and admittedly not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of romance. But what if I told you that a QR Code is like the wingman you wish you had on your dates? 

Dating can be awkward, and we just thought, hey why not show you how you can turn these two-dimensional codes into something useful. If you’re looking to add an element of surprise to your dates, whether you’re single, dating, or married, then read on. 

Dating in a nutshell 

Dating isn’t a walk in the park. And while dating can be a fun, thrilling adventure, it’s also energy-consuming. It’s hard to shake off a bad date, a dating experience, or a bad relationship for that matter.

But is dating worth the time? Absolutely! We’re not relationship experts, but we can give you some creative date ideas that are bound to make you look good in the dating arena or/and in your current relationships. 

There’s one caveat though: it does take some thought, strategy, and planning to stand out from the crowd when you’re in the dating world. And though it may seem over-the-top to prepare for your dates, creating the vibes before you see your date in person can be a major advantage for you. So to make your dating life a breeze, we’ve saved you the trouble of having to think about all things to do on a date. Are you ready to up your dating game?

5 original QR Code date ideas to impress your date

1. The conversational date game

Good conversations have just the right amount of flow, banter, and pauses in between. Conversely, bad conversations have a disproportionate amount of meaningless small talk, awkward silence, and boredom. Surely we can all universally agree that we’d want to avoid the latter.  

Sometimes all you need is an ice-breaker to ease the tension and keep the conversation rolling. Apps are pretty nifty on dates, especially the ones where you can play games and ask your date questions. With just the right questions and games, you may gain more insight into how your date thinks, what their values are, and their personality. 

Here’s what you’ll need to do to prep:

Before your date:

Design your personalized QR Code with your favorite QR Code Generator, learn how to make a QR code, and add all the info from the game app of your choice. An App QR Code works best because it points you directly to the app store. Don’t forget to scan your QR Code to see if it works. 

On the date: 

Here’s how the magic happens: 

  1. Casually suggest (at the right time, of course) playing a game with your date. 
  2. Display your App QR Code (to build anticipation) and show them how to scan it with their mobile phone. 
  3. Once your date scans the QR Code, let the games begin! 

This dating trick is a fun date idea for getting to know someone on a first date but can be a fun addition to any date, whether that’s for your long-term relationship or long-distance relationship. Using an app is an effortless way to bring something lighthearted but can also provoke some meaningful conversations — and it saves you the hassle of having to think of good conversational questions on the fly. 

There are plenty of games, from arcade games to board games, that you could incorporate into your date to keep you and your date on your toes.  And you needn’t shy away from technology for a helping hand. Try this first date idea on for size!

Hot tip: Set a timer for every question to amp up the fun—and if you get your date laughing, you might have a second date in the bag.

Phone screen displaying a QR Code to scan and add friend.
A personalized QR Code displayed on a phone app for your next date.

2. The thrift store date  

Ditch the meet-up for a drink kind of date and instead play dress-up with your date. This is your time to unleash your child-like spirit and see if your date is open to your playful side. Our fashion choices, signature looks, and personal style say a lot about our personalities.

Does your date have a quirky, preppy, or edgy style? Now is your time to find out. If you think this is a creative contest, think again — it’s a test of compatibility. This is how you get it done:

Before the date:

  1. Hit up your crush with a “Would you like to go thrift shopping with me?” kind of text. 
  2. Once you get the “hells yes” start planning your route to your favorite thrift stores. 

On the date:

  1. Pick up your date (it’s only polite). 
  2. On route to your first thrift store, lay down the ground rules for your thrifting experience and see if your date is game to one, try some outfits together, and two, take photos of each other. 
  3. Now dress up and pose.
  4. Try on the same outfit and play the game “Who wore it best”. 

For extra brownie points: offer to pay for at least one item that your date likes. 

After the date:
Now, this is when the QR Code comes in. Create an Image QR Code and upload the grooviest bunch of photos of you and your date. Include a comical photo to get your date laughing back at the memories you’ve created. Then, surprise your date with a QR Code.

Why does this cute date idea work?

Finding outfits together and snapping photos gets the two of you to tap into your creative and expressive side. You get to show your date that you’re a total goof and hoot to be around.

Hot tip: Don’t take yourself too seriously.

Paper bag with QR Code on a note, inviting to scan and view stored party pictures.
A collection of photos stored on a QR Code.

3. The stay-in date

Stay-at-home date night ideas may seem pretty…basic for long-term couples. 

But they don’t have to be. Dates like these just need a few ingredients to keep it spicy: effort, anticipation, and novelty. Keeping things fresh and changing up the routine is what can make this stay-in-date a stand-out. 


  1. Choose 3 of your partners’ favorite movies of all time. 
  2. Find the trailers of each movie on YouTube and copy each link.
  3. Go to QR Code Generator, select video, and copy all 3 links in the field. 
  4. Customize your QR Code — and add a tongue-in-cheek call to action (CTA). 

Now you’ve generated your Video QR Code!


  1. Grab your partner’s attention by sending the QR Code. This will create a little mystery. Once they watch all the trailers and ask about them, you can simply reply to them by asking them what they’re in the mood for. 
  2. Follow that up by sending an Image QR code where you’ve uploaded a series of your partner’s favorite food and follow up with a “Hey, what would you like to have for dinner tonight? I’m cooking.” 


Now that you’ve built up anticipation, cook up a storm, set the table, and create the romantic vibes for your stay-in movie night. Change up the order of events when your date arrives home: set up the dinner table on the floor with comfy cushions. Drag your mattress into the living room where you can cozy up next to your date. 

Do everything differently so that it feels fresh. This is perfect for a Friday night or a mid-week pick-me-up date. Bonus: It’s totally covid-friendly! Add this to your list of rainy day date ideas or date ideas amidst COVID. 

Hot tip: candles are an absolute must!  

A couple sitting on the floor enjoying a candle-lit date night.
A couple enjoying a romantic date night on the floor with a candle-lit dinner. Photo by Jonathan Borba on Pexels.

4.  The road trip date

Inviting your crush on a road trip date means that things are getting slightly more serious between you two. But before you hit the road, start compiling a kick-ass road trip playlist. 

Before the date:

This is a good time to find out who your date’s favorite artists and songs are. Once you get a feel for their music taste, create the ultimate playlist to win them over. A great way to give your date a taste of your road trip playlist is creating an MP3 QR Code with a song that you both like. This tease will get them amped up for spending the day with you. 

Another addition to making your road trip a vibe is playing musical games in the car. Find a list of games and generate a QR Code. If you’re using a website, copy the link directly onto the field using a Static QR Code

On the date:

Once you’re on the open road, pump up the jam and show off your grammy-award-worthy road trip playlist. If you have some rapping, singing, or harmonizing skills, this is the time to show that off. Carpool Karaoke, anyone? 

And just to make sure you’re both thoroughly entertained on the long road, surprise your date with the QR Code with your list of music games stored on it. What’s neat about this trick is that your date will be impressed by your innovative use of tech  —  and your ability to keep things fun! 

The road-trip kind of date is all about determining if you two enjoy spending quality time together. It’s the adventure you have on the long open road and the chats you have while riding into the sunset that makes this date one of those romantic date ideas you would want to keep in your back pocket. 

Hot tip: Don’t forget to stop and admire the picturesque views  — and obviously, your date.

A woman looking at a paper map, sitting in a car with her legs up on the window.
A woman letting her hair down on a scenic trip route. Photo by Leio McLaren on Unsplash.

5. The event date

There are mixed opinions about whether taking dates to a concert or a music festival is a good idea and for good reason  —  loud music isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But if you both share a genuine interest in these types of events, or your date is open to the experience, then why not give it a gaff?  Even better if you both share a mutual taste in music and enjoy the occasional festivities. 

Before the date:

  1. Gauge your date’s music taste by sending them a Youtube video of the band you’d like to see. To build suspense, send them a Video QR Code. 
  2. Express your fandom for the artist to let them know just how much you dig their music. If your date responds with interest, move on to the next step. 
  3. Generate an Event QR Code and hit up your crush with this kind of text: “Hey, look what I got!” Smooth, right? 
  4. Then follow that up with “Would you like to join me?” 
  5. If you get the “yes” (yay) then offer to pay for their ticket. And if they’re okay with that arrangement, purchase it right away.  

On the date:

Once you have picked up your date, set the tone for the event by playing the artist you’re about to see perform. This is the ideal date for creating lasting memories, sharing an experience, and hopefully building more chemistry through music. 

Hot tip: Selfies are mandatory.

A QR Code mobile ticket displayed on the phone screen scanned before an event entry.
QR Code presented as a mobile ticket at a festival.

You didn’t think QR Codes had a game, huh? We may not be a QR Code dating service, but we do know a thing or two about the versatility of QR Codes. QR Codes add an element of mystery to your dating life — no matter your relationship status. Play around with these date ideas to stay on top of your dating game. Put the spark back into your dating life today.

Robyn Albertyn

Robyn Albertyn is a content writer for Bitly from Cape Town, South Africa. She’s previously written about preventative health and wellness, and specializes in creative writing and copywriting. When she’s not writing, you’ll find her hiking up majestic mountains, or discovering the best coffee hotspots in her city. Feel free to say hi to her on LinkedIn.

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