The Power of QR Codes for Podcast Marketing: A Guide

If you have a podcasting niche, chances are there’s an audience for it. From gripping true-crime serials to finance industry insights, there’s a world of audio catering to every possible interest and angle — and, as you’ll see, there’s a burgeoning, ever-eager audience with an appetite for fresh content.

As a podcaster, how do you reach those listeners? To understand how to build your listener base, you’ll need to delve into the world of podcast marketing and understand the strategies underpinning a successful podcast promotion strategy. But there are also methods that can help you set your podcast apart from the rest and engage with new listeners creatively and effectively. For that, using QR Codes can set you on the right path.

From QR Code marketing examples to incorporating audio into your advertising with an MP3 QR Code, this guide will help you leverage the power of QR Codes for an audience-building campaign of your own. But first, let’s look at the basics.

What is podcast marketing with QR Codes?

Providing listeners with an intuitive platform that allows them to leap from print to digital, QR Codes can enrich how your audience discovers your podcast. They’re the perfect partner to podcast marketing — the means you use to engage with your podcast’s audience.

For one thing, QR Codes allow you to incorporate much more media into your print marketing materials — audio, an image gallery, or video, for example. When promoting something as captivating and involving as a podcast, they can give potential listeners much more insight into your shows.

But why is a good marketing strategy so important for podcasters? For one thing, the podcast market is huge — according to a 2020 report from Edison, there are 104 million monthly podcast listeners in the US alone.

Podcasting is also diverse, with a plethora of podcasts targeting smaller, more specific audiences. While some podcasts and podcasters, such as the Joe Rogan Experience, have become household names who command huge exclusivity deals, others, such as branded podcasts, are an accompaniment to a wider content marketing strategy.

 Whether you’re turning your knack for storytelling into a passion project, or you’re at the helm of a community-building digital marketing podcast, reaching this pool of listeners requires a thoughtful podcast marketing strategy. No matter how big or small your niche is, using QR Codes can help with everything from building your social media channels to promoting the best platform, where listeners can find your podcast, and much more.

How do I market a podcast using QR Codes?

When developing your podcast marketing strategy, you’ll want to know more about how and when listeners discovered your show. For that, you can use QR Code tracking to gain valuable insights into your campaign and audience. 

Alongside that, there are a few other useful options available to you when leveraging your QR Code for podcast marketing. For example, it’s possible to include audio, direct links to your podcast or social media channels, and much more. 

Each type of QR Code invites your listeners to experience your podcast marketing strategy differently — these are our top four.

1. App QR Code

Want to promote your podcast on a particular platform? There’s an App QR Code for that.

This QR Code allows you to direct listeners to a specific app on the App Store or Google Play Store via a mobile-friendly display page featuring a description, your podcast’s logo or imagery, and a call-to-action (CTA).

A gym's App QR Code and mobile-optimized landing page prompting people to download the app and listen to their podcast
A fitness studio promoting its podcast on the App Store.

2. Social Media QR Code

Podcast promotion and social media go hand-in-hand. Give both a boost by featuring a branded Social Media QR Code on your posters, stickers, and flyers. 

You can direct listeners to all of your social media channels — TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are just a few among the many available — alongside your podcast’s URL, if you wish. 

Social Media QR Code in a real estate agency's magazine ad prompting people to scan, follow their social media, and listen to their podcast
A real estate agency using a Social Media QR Code to promote the social media pages of its podcast for home-buyers.

3. MP3 QR Code

If your podcast series is getting ready for its upcoming launch, you’ll want to give your listeners a sneak preview. 

There’s no better platform for building a buzz than a trailer to introduce your show, featuring snippets of what’s to come, a word from the hosts, and the crucial where and when it will be available to download. With its simple scan-to-hear format, and options for including a download button and your podcast’s branding, an MP3 QR Code is the simplest way to incorporate your trailer into your advertising.

MP3 QR Code and its mobile-optimized landing page for listening to an episode of The Techies Talk Show
An MP3 QR Code is perfect for converting podcast trailers into easily-accessible soundbites.

4. Dynamic URL QR Code

If everything you would like your listeners to know about your show is most easily available on your website, then you can create a Dynamic QR Code featuring your URL — the most straightforward solution available.

Dynamic URL QR Code in a business consultancy's brochure prompting people to scan and listen to their podcast
A Dynamic URL QR Code directing listeners to a business podcast’s website.

Podcast marketing with QR Codes: industry examples

Podcasting is not just for storytelling — many industries can use podcasts as a marketing tool, and series focusing on books, finance, or digital marketing can form part of a brand’s wider content marketing strategy. 

To inspire your industry’s own campaign for podcast marketing using QR Codes, let’s take a look at some examples from QR Code Generator’s roster of in-house fictional companies. 

Finance & Insurance Companies

Noting the rising popularity of podcasts on financial markets, Global Worth Trust, a financial advisory company, launched a podcast aimed at better educating budding investors. 

By publishing QR Codes in magazines, listeners can scan and hear the trailer.

An MP3 QR Code in a financial company's newspaper ad prompting readers to scan and listen to their podcast channel
An example of an MP3 QR Code to promote a podcast channel for a financial advisory company. 

Museums & Galleries

To promote upcoming exhibitions and shows, SMAD, an arts institution, invites artists to guest host its occasional podcast.  

For visitors to its galleries, the podcast is an opportunity to learn more about the works on display in-depth, so SMAD publishes a QR Code for tickets that links to a special podcast section on the institution’s website.

MP3 QR Code on a museum's ticket prompting people to scan and listen to their podcast
An example of an MP3 QR Code used to promote a podcast on tickets.

Fashion Retailer

For its style-savvy audience eager to learn about the latest drops and trends, Elle Boutique eschews mainstream platforms for its podcast and instead chooses to publish episodes exclusively within the Elle Boutique shopping app itself. 

To entice its customers to tune in and get their fix of fashion and celebrity gossip, Elle leverages a product QR Code on its clothing labels and shopping bags to promote its shopping app.

An App QR Code on a fashion retailer's shopping bag prompting people to scan and download their app for access to their podcast
An example of an App QR Code on a shopping bag to promote a style podcast.

How can I best use QR Codes as a podcast marketing tool?

Regardless of whether your podcast speaks to a particular industry or you’re leveraging it to create more content for your brand, using QR Codes on your promotional materials allows your listeners to glean more from your marketing than a traditional printed ad.

Alongside media-rich functionality and customization, QR Codes can give you data-driven insights into your campaigns, too. Let’s take a closer look at what they can offer you. 

Full-scale customization

If you create your QR Code with QR Code Generator, you never have to worry about your QR Code detracting from the designs you use to promote your podcast. Style your QR Codes with brand colors, QR Code frames, and a unique CTA. You can even add your logo or an image in the middle for an extra brand-centric boost.

The customization panel in a QR Code Generator Pro account
QR Code Generator software has many options for QR Code color and style customization

PRO tip: Give your design an eye-catching twist by giving your QR Code style.

QR Code campaign tracking & editing

The majority of our QR Code solutions are Dynamic QR Codes — a type of QR Code with extra functionality. Particularly useful for large-scale campaigns where details may be subject to change, Dynamic Codes can be tracked and edited after they have been published. 

It’s also possible to view real-time QR Code scan data, including unique vs. total scans, time scanned, location scanned by city and country, and even the operating device used. As a podcast marketing tool, these metrics give QR Codes an edge over traditional print advertising. 

The different tracking metrics available with QR Code Generator PRO — scans by time, operating system, countries, and cities
Demo version of QR Code tracking metrics viewable with QR Code Generator PRO

Use in digital and print marketing

A podcast promotion strategy is not limited to digital channels, such as social media — they’re perfect for out-of-house (OOH) campaigns, too. A QR Code poster design allows you to promote your series within a specific locality and gain insights into where and when your audience engaged with your campaign.

Podcast Marketing with QR Codes: the way forward

From adding audio to printed ads to rethinking how industries can use podcasts to engage with whole audiences, marketing your podcast using QR Codes gives you greater freedom than traditional media. They allow you to take digital marketing to the outside world and find creative solutions that will enrich your campaigns — and, most importantly, help your listeners discover the fresh, new content they have been waiting for.

Aoife McKeown

Originally from Belfast, Northern Ireland, Aoife has been living and working in Berlin, Germany, since 2012. Her work focuses on creative writing, editing, and marketing copywriting, and she’s currently a Content Writer with Egoditor. Feel free to connect with Aoife on LinkedIn or reach out to her via her website.

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