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Don’t Cancel Your Events: Create Virtual Events With QR Codes Instead

Considering canceling your event because of coronavirus? Find out how to avoid cancelations by using QR Codes!

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How to Improve Sales Promotion With QR Codes

Increase sales and attract new customers by utilizing the power of QR Codes!

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Enhance Your Lead Generation Strategy With QR Codes

Take your lead generation to the next level with fully customized and trackable QR Codes.

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How Are QR Codes Used for Social Distancing?

QR Codes let businesses interact with customers through contactless and touchless experiences.

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Why You Should Add QR Codes to Magazine Ads

QR Codes are trackable, editable, and they can be customized to fit your brand!

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Why Contactless Payments With QR Codes Skyrocketed During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Concerns over contracting coronavirus through everyday objects had businesses move to digitizing their payment system to be contact-free.

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How QR Codes on Company Cars Boost Marketing

Thinking of advertising on vehicles? See how you can do more with QR Codes!

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QR Codes vs Barcodes: The Ultimate Battle

Discover why QR Codes emerged as the winner in this battle between the two Codes.

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Using QR Codes to Curb Coronavirus at Your Healthcare Facility

Learn how QR Codes can help slow down the spread of COVID-19 in your facility (with step-by-step guides).

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Celebrating Women With QR Codes & Other News

Can QR Codes boost high fashion and bring people together? Find out in this latest news!

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