5 Ways to Create a Spellbinding Lead Magnet with QR Codes

Creating a lead magnet is like delving into the art of persuasion. It takes a level of wizardry to convince a new lead that you can provide value to them in exchange for their personal data. Time is also of the essence: you have just about 15 seconds to capture their interest. How do you charm your prospect with a lead magnet so alluring that they can’t ignore it? This is what today’s article is all about and if you stick around, you’ll get schooled in the dark crafts of constructing an irresistible lead magnet with QR Codes.

What is a lead magnet?

A lead magnet is a marketing tool — usually, a free resource that generates leads in exchange for their contact details: name, email, phone number. Marketers focus on growing their email subscribers list, treating it as the holy grail because more leads mean more sales.  

But that’s not the only path to generating leads. QR Code lead generation is just as effective in attracting new leads by the mere display of QR Codes on digital and print materials — piquing interest offline and online alike — more on that later. 

A lead magnet plays into the law of reciprocity: the act of giving inherently means you’ll receive something in return. For example, you give your potential lead a free ebook in exchange for their data. 

The taster of what you offer to them for free gives the lead an idea of the product or service, and as a result, they’ll be more swayed to put money on the table. The voyage from a website visitor to a paying customer is far from smooth sailing. And that’s exactly why the spotlight is on the lead magnet in this article.  

The goal of any lead magnet is to build trust, brand authority, and convert website browsers into leads and leads into customers. And with QR Codes on board, a new territory opens up for capturing leads. 

4 Reasons you can’t go wrong with a QR Code for a lead magnet

QR Codes have more in common with lead magnets than you think. Lead magnets, like QR Codes, are marketing tools that help you convert leads into customers. But QR Code technology can take you way further than a lead magnet on its own by not only capturing leads but also tracking lead’s behavior.

#1 Call-to-action 

Every lead magnet needs to have a clear, punchy call-to-action (CTA). A lead magnet without a call-to-action is like leading someone on an unknown dark desolate road at night with no lights to guide them.

A call-to-action acts signpost. It highlights the precise action a potential lead needs to do next. Similarly, QR Codes happen to require CTA’s too. Coincidence or destiny? Our QR Code call to action is packed with a punch to nudge users to take action, that is, to scan the QR Code. Not so different from lead magnet CTA’s, huh? 

#2 Landing page 

The landing page is where all the magic happens — where the lead magnet captures all the information about your lead. Need assistance? Use an inventive QR Code landing page! And enjoy the liberty of designing a landing page so on-brand and innovative that leads won’t be able to turn away. Part of why this works so flawlessly is because QR Code software is easily compatible with landing pages.

#3 Tracking 

Assuming you’re following the commute from call to action to the landing page for your lead magnet, the next step in this expedition is to get your customers’ data. Typically, this would include the lead’s contact details, but in this unorthodox scenario, if you choose a Dynamic QR Code, you’ll harness the benefits of capturing both the contact details of your leads and their user behavior —  all thanks to the savvy QR Code tracking feature. 

The perks of this feature lend themselves to the sheer amount of data that is retrieved from just one scan, which includes: the specificity of the operating system your lead used, the location by city and country, the total number of scans, and unique scans, the time from the month to the day to the hour, and more. 

#4 Customizable 

Using QR Codes with lead magnets sets you apart from the competition. For one, QR Codes aren’t commonly thought of as lead magnets, and two, you have full agency over the QR Code design. This level of creative freedom allows you to engineer the way you present your lead magnet — how neat! 

Select the brand colors, images, logos, and the QR Code frame you love —  if you fancy an extra splash of personalization on your landing page. In doing so, you’re making an impression on your potential leads in just a few seconds of them landing on your website. 

What are the ingredients of a captivating lead magnet? 

  • Solves a problem — a good lead magnet addresses the target audience’s current pain point. Think about how you can relieve them from their problem. 
  • Instantly accessible — a good lead magnet provides immediate satisfaction, Give your leads easy, quick, and readily downloadable content.  
  • Provides value — just because it’s free content doesn’t mean the quality should waver. Remember, you’re showing your leads a teaser of what you will ultimately sell to them in the future.
  • Easily digestible — give your prospects content that’s easy to consume, for example, checklists and workbooks.  
  • Shows your expertise — show that you’re an authority and can be trusted in your field of expertise. Just own it! 

5 Hypnotic lead magnet ideas with QR Codes 

Now that you know the ingredients prescribed for creating a mesmerizing lead magnet, we’ve collected a concoction of lead magnet examples to help you stir the cauldron. This is how to grow your email list with QR Codes. 

#1 Blog 

Your blog has got to be the most fertile ground to promote your lead magnet. For many newbie browsers landing on your website, this may their first point of contact with your brand — big deal alert! Forging a connection within a small window period is no elementary task. 

With the stakes so high, being basic is simply gonna cut the mustard. Luckily, we come bearing solutions to lure in your potential leads: create a web banner with a lead magnet that complements your blog article. 

And if you’re looking for the perfect wine and cheese kind of pairing, integrate QR Codes on web banners to make your lead magnet pop. That leaves you with just one missing piece to complete this puzzle: your lead magnet. Depending on your blog content, you could choose anything from an ebook to an infographic. 

For lead magnet ideas about which QR Codes to use, get inspired by what our fictional company, Elle Boutique, did to attract scans on their blog: they opted for the QR Code Image. But, the QR Code infographic can also be a complementary addition to a blog post. Take a look below. 

Elle Boutique Magazine promotes their best Easter outfits on their website with a blog post and QR Code web banner.
QR Code web banners are smart lead magnets that can be used on blogs.

#2 Videos 

Video content has become part of the daily diet, making them powerfully mesmerizing lead magnets. More, there is a diverse range of video content to consume —  from longer ones like movies to shorter ones like TikTok showreels. They’re perfectly suited for lead magnets because of how engaging they are, how they stimulate our senses, and how they cater to our learning styles. 

Say you’re a fitness instructor wanting to demonstrate your expertise on how you train your clients. Yes, you could offer your prospective clients a free trial in person, but what if they land up on your website? What do you do? A lead magnet, obvi! One way to hook them in is with a pre-recorded demo video. This is the fastest way for potential leads to see you in action —  online. 

And with an easy bribe like displaying a sneaky Video QR Code on your website, the only barrier standing in the way of getting your lead is a scan. The fictional company, Studio gym, certainly didn’t shy away from showing its caliber of courses from yoga, cardio, to stretching, and kickboxing. Model this example below. 

 A Video QR Code on a tablet enables new website visitors to preview Studio Gym’s group courses.
Studio Gym offers preview group classes to new website visitors.

#3 Webinars

Hosting webinars is a terrific way to delve into deeper industry topics that your prospective leads are looking for. You also have the option of hosting it live or pre-recording it. The advantage of live events is that it opens up the floor for you to build rapport and host Q&A sessions with your new leads.  

But even if you’re doing pre-recorded webinars, there’s still so much for your lead to gain —  your expertise on a topic they want to learn about and more engagement with your brand, too. 

Plus, offering your leads a downloadable workbook where they can jot down notes demonstrates your ability to over-deliver —  something that people truly value, especially if you’re giving it to them for free. You could even ask them for feedback post-webinar, which you can also display on your website for future leads. 

So, in essence, you have 3 opportunities to capture your leads’ contact details: with a workbook, webinar attendance, and feedback. Even better, in the QR Code universe, you have a trifecta of solutions at your fingertips: a PDF QR Code, an Event QR Code, and a Feedback QR Code.

Brixton Business Consulting’s website promotes their webinar with a QR Code banner on a MacBook monitor.
Brixton Business Consulting nurtures its new leads with webinars.

#4 eBooks

Offering your lead’s industry knowledge is best consumed in an eBook format. As common as they are as lead magnets, they’re still good honest bait for growing an email list. 

They’re ideal for the lead who’s looking for in-depth knowledge on a topic they’re willing to chew on for days, weeks, or even months. This is the kind of meaty content that is jam-packed with nuggets of wisdom, providing sustainable value for their leads over time. 

To lighten the load, we have a couple of QR Code solutions for you: a PDF QR Code for eBooks or a Dynamic URL QR Code, to direct website visitors to your website or landing page. 

And if that’s not enough, you also have the option of sharing so much more than reading content within the digital pages of your eBook: embedding QR Codes in the design of your eBook. 
An exemplary example to follow is our fictional company, Cosmo Riders, which features an exclusive Video QR Code within the pages of their eBook, The Art of Cosmo Riders; revealing that QR Codes always have more cards to play. When you surprise your leads with the unexpected, you keep them hungry for more.

Cosmo Riders promotes their eBook on a banner ad.
QR Codes can be used as both a lead magnet for an eBook and within a design layout of an eBook.

#5 Email series challenge 

Running a challenge as a lead magnet has the ability to provoke leads with the right message. Targeting your lead with killer copy and hitting the nail on your lead’s pain point is the kind of lead magnet that arouses interest. An email series challenge is an excellent way to expand your email lead list because it offers leads shorts bursts of knowledge spread over a period of time and pushes leads to take necessary action. 

The key to a successful email series is where your lead feels like you’re freakishly speaking directly to them. They need to sense that you’ve walked in your shoes. Then, you’re more than qualified to offer them a solution with your product or service, converting them from leads to customers. 

Use the Dynamic URL Code on your website banner to attract your new leads to sign up for your challenge. Once they’ve secured them in your email list, you can offer your leads exclusive offers by using our Coupon QR Code

World Trekker Tours hosts a bucket list challenge on their website with a QR Code displayed on their banner ad.
World Trekker Tours uses a bucket list challenge as their lead magnet.

How to create a great lead magnet with QR Codes on web banners

  1. Go to qr-code-generator.com 
  2. Select the QR Code you’d like. We recommend the Dynamic URL QR Code. 
  3. Enter the landing page or website page URL.
  4. Your QR Code will generate automatically. 
  5. Tailor your QR Code with the design elements that match your brand.   
  6. Download your freshly designed QR Code lead magnet banner. 
  7. Test it and embed it into your web banner. 

You’ll reap double the benefits with the least amount of effort when you use a QR Code for a lead magnet. QR Codes get to the heart of the matter: they help you analyze your leads’ behavior with QR Code metrics and grow your email lead list. More leads, more sales. Partner with us and become an alchemist at creating entrancing lead magnets with QR Codes. Sorcery has never looked so good! 

Robyn Albertyn

Robyn Albertyn is a content writer for Bitly from Cape Town, South Africa. She’s previously written about preventative health and wellness, and specializes in creative writing and copywriting. When she’s not writing, you’ll find her hiking up majestic mountains, or discovering the best coffee hotspots in her city. Feel free to say hi to her on LinkedIn.

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