Enhance Your Lead Generation Strategy With QR Codes

Many marketers have a lead generation strategy to gauge customer interest in a particular product or service. As much as 85% of expert marketers say that lead generation marketing is the most important element in their marketing arsenal, particularly for those with a B2B focus. You’re likely already using digital mediums for lead generation, so why not add QR Codes to the mix?

What is lead generation?

Lead generation is a marketing method that involves seeking out new potential customers, business partners, or both for the purpose of further marketing services or products. Lead generation is more often at the top of the sales funnel rather than the bottom because it serves to introduce people to a brand by providing them “free information,” rather than promoting direct purchases. Marketers then focus on creating conversion out of these leads once they’ve got their contact details as a result of downloading this information.

B2C vs B2B lead generation

While B2C (business to consumer) lead generation means that a business is hoping to connect with end customers to later drive purchases, B2B (business to business) lead generation emphasizes connecting with potential businesses, either as partners for your business or as business clients. When we speak about lead generation, B2B lead generation tends to get a heavier focus, but it depends on the industry and specific company.

The overall purpose of lead generation is to create interest in potential customers by offering them incentives (usually informational) that require them to input their contact information (their email in particular), which is then retargeted either with paid ads, email marketing, or even cold calls (depending on the context). Marketers also use this data to understand and test their target audience for campaign optimization. If you’ve ever wondered why a company would create a pop-up form like the example below and give away something for “free”, lead generation is the exact idea they have in mind.

Why your lead generation strategy should use QR Codes

If you’re looking for an innovative and unique way to generate leads, then you can stop your search! QR Codes can be used in combination with any marketing platform, provide convenient links for both mobile and desktop users, as well as come with essential tracking metrics to optimize marketing campaigns.

Easily track leads

The most important part of lead generation is tracking the leads and all their related information, because this is how you optimize your content and campaigns to best reach your target audience, and then sell to them later. When you use Dynamic QR Codes, all their scans are tracked with QR Code Generator software. This includes location by city and country, time scanned, unique vs. total scans, and operating device used. For more information on QR Code tracking, we’ve explained this in more detail here.

Demo version of QR Code tracking metrics available with QR Code Generator PRO

Furthermore, you can monitor the actions taken by users on your content after they’ve scanned the QR Code by integrating Google Analytics. The consistent comparison and monitoring of this data and the customer journey give insights for campaign optimization so that you can maximize your results and increase revenue.

Understand ROI on leads for print marketing

Campaign tracking is now no longer only for digital platforms. Dynamic QR Codes make ROI (return on investment) calculable also for print marketing campaigns. This makes your marketing platforms truly limitless because you can reach users on both print and digital mediums, all while having a completely transparent ROI. Not to mention that all Dynamic QR Codes automatically come with mobile optimized content, so you’re never missing desktop or mobile users, regardless of the platform.

An example of a print magazine with a QR Code campaign for B2C lead generation via app downloads

Infinite customization & editing

If you’re worried about QR Codes looking strange or boring on creative marketing materials, this is not an issue. QR Code Generator software includes a wide range of custom QR Code options. You can choose from QR Code solutions for nearly every purpose, then customize them with aspects like custom frames, unique edges, brand colors, and a CTA (call to action) that clarifies the action you want your customers to take when they see the QR Code.

A custom QR Code can be designed to match with all things digital and print

QR Codes are also scalable for any type of sizing needed, come with a high level of error tolerance, and can even be edited and changed! If you need to update your link or even change your QR Code solution, this can be done at any time without changing the appearance of the original QR Code. Overall, custom QR Codes reflect your complete brand, which in turn synchronizes brand awareness across multiple channels.

Pro tip: For help with designing custom QR Codes, take a look at this guide.

Ideal for networking & business cards

Especially for B2B lead generation, networking and handing out business cards are a typical part of generating leads. You can now create a digital format for any marketing material or send leads from print materials to digital content. This could be, for example, a digital business card that automatically adds all your contact data or brochures that are given out during a conference. No matter your intent, you now make it easier for potential leads to contact you and have a way to track the results.

Example of a vCard Plus QR Code on a business card

How to generate leads with QR Codes

With all of the possibilities that QR Code Generator PRO enables through custom QR Codes, how they can actually be used in lead generation campaigns basically has no end. To provide some inspiration for how this could look, we’ve gathered some examples based on fictional businesses that you can use to model your own QR Code lead generation strategy.

A hotel searches for business partners to offer discounts to guests

Many hotels have started to incorporate partner businesses that they can upsell to guests in order to receive a commission from, as well as provide a stable partner to send customers to that they know will be satisfied. This could be, for example, a nearby spa, local tourist attractions, or an airport shuttle service. In order to search for this B2B partner, they decided to attend a large travel conference and hand out their business cards as well as brochures so potential businesses could get an overview of the partnership benefits. The brochure used a Dynamic URL Code to send interested partners to a landing page with all the details.

Example of a B2B partnership brochure for hotels with a QR Code

A university searches for potential applicants by handing out brochures

Universities are always on the lookout for the best and the brightest applicants, a typical part of their B2C lead generation. They decided to use QR Code codes across multiple marketing platforms to get more applicants. They started by providing high schools with brochures for teachers to give to students informing them about a free info session the university would be hosting. This flyer included an Event QR Code so that all attendees could automatically register through the QR Code. Then, during the info session, those interested were provided comprehensive documents about the university and how to apply, which included a Dynamic URL Code that sent users to the application overview directly.

An example of a university brochure for students to register for an info session

A real estate agency searches for commercial buyers for business properties

A real estate agency was tasked with selling a large office building in the city center, so they decided to create a viewing event for all potential buyers to have a look. They decided to go full force with QR Codes both before, during, and after the event in order to generate and track B2B leads.

Before the event, they compiled a list of potential users that they would market the event via email marketing. This email included an Event QR Code for those interested to directly sign up. They also decided to put this Event QR Code on posters near the building so passersby could also sign up, which also increased their email list.

Example of an Event QR Code on a real estate poster ad

During the event, they passed out brochures about the building’s specs, pricing, and other important features. The brochures contained a Dynamic URL Code that sent users to a specific page so they had both print and digital mediums for viewing and sharing. They also placed Video QR Codes around the event so attendees could see more about the building when used at full capacity.

An example of a poster during an event with a QR Code to access a property video

After the event, the real estate agency wanted to gather feedback on how the buyers felt about both the event and the building itself to gauge who might be the most interested buyer. They emailed all attendees a Feedback QR Code that included multiple options for each aspect the agency needed to know to sell the property.

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