Lactalis Partners with Popmii and QR Code Generator to Successfully Drive Up Customer Engagement

Restoring a brilliant shopping experience to boost customer satisfaction was Lactalis Beurres and Crèmes’ goal. They wanted to reestablish their brand personality as a small creamery, geared towards a more culinary and gourmet identity. By combining Popmii’s powers of augmented reality with QR Code Generator technology, they turned every consumer touchpoint into a unique experience. 

Meet Lactalis Beurres & Crèmes

Lactalis Beurres & Crèmes is a division of the Lactalis Group. They are a French, family-owned company and the world leader in dairy products. Ranked first in the Petite Crèmerie market, which includes fresh milk, UHT creams, culinary aids (sweet and savory), butters, and margarines, they navigate through a market of established brands such as President, Bridelice, Primevere, Lactel, Bridel, Le Marin, and Bridelight.

Their corporate mission is to promote French “good eating” through their culinary heritage, of which butter and cream are a major emblem and at the heart of all French cuisine. Through their threefold economic, social, and environmental project, their ambition is to create shared value for all their company stakeholders, composed of 800 employees, partner customers, and suppliers. 

Setting brand goals to improve customer satisfaction

In order to revamp their approach to marketing their brand personality, Lactalis Beurres & Crèmes faced several challenges. They set five improvement points:

1- Improve their in-store shopping experience

2- Improve the visibility and shelf management of their products

3- Improve brand loyalty

4- Provide a brand identity for their distributor within the creamery market

5- Differentiate themselves from other creamery brands and meet customer expectations

Augmented reality for brand growth 

Their greatest challenge was finding an easy-to-use, deployable solution for their distributor to adapt and incorporate seamlessly. 

They saw potential in applying augmented reality to connect physical and digital information in order to enhance customer decision-making and reinforce their identity as a small creamery. This is what brought them to contact Popmii to bring a new in-store customer experience. As soon as they incorporated Popmii’s features, they saw immediate results in boosting engagement and interaction with their brand. 

Popmii transforms each and every consumer touch-point into a unique experience. Their solution is a SaaS platform that allows brands to create and deploy unique and scalable experiences in augmented reality.

With these results, Lactalis wanted to deploy it across all their stores. They wanted an easy-to-use and easy-to-apply solution for thousands of stores. Popmii introduced them to QR Codes, a technology that distributors and retailers were all in to use in order to bring a new in-store experience.

QR Codes and AR drove positive results

The adoption of QR Code Generator, combined with the powers of Popmii as a platform of pre-established and customizable experiences that customers can personalize, created a unique experience for shoppers. A breeze to deploy and a reach that is simple to track and measure, this web interface uses a call-to-action with QR Codes to guide consumers to the augmented reality experience.

The results of this long-term new vision for an amazing, in-store shopping experience were new visibility for their small creamery products, a modernized brand identity within the creamery market, a brand personality that differentiates itself from the competition, and more than 2% additional sales.

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