Examples of QR Codes in Marketing Campaigns (and How to Copy Them)

Curious about a unique marketing tool that connects print advertising to digital content? What about a way to track print marketing ROI? This nifty solution is none other than QR Codes! They are entirely customizable and trackable, which make them a favorite among marketers. Here are a few examples to kickstart your own campaigns.

Why QR Codes are perfect for marketing

With so many flexible uses like digital business cards, within marketing strategies, and improved inventory management, QR Codes will soon become your new best friend! Let’s take a look at all the unique benefits below.

Flexible solutions and types

When you choose QR Code Generator PRO to create your QR Codes, you’ve got a wide variety of QR Code options for whichever content you’d like to convert into a QR Code. This includes videos, social media profile links, digital coupons, PDFs, sound files, ratings, images, website links, and more. When you convert your content into a QR Code, you can also customize your content on a mobile-optimized display page. For example, if you use an Image Gallery QR Code, then you can upload multiple images, choose which image to highlight, add further info about your business, and even include a CTA (call to action) button that directs users to a website or landing page. This is precisely how you connect a particular QR Code with a marketing campaign.  

Customizable for any design

There is absolutely no worry that QR Codes will detract from your brand designs because they are completely customizable for all your design requirements. QR Codes can be styled with brand colors, unique edges, custom frames with an editable CTA, and a logo or an image in the middle. What’s more, QR Code image files are downloadable as JPG, EPS, SVG, and PNG file formats so that if you’d like to customize them yourself or add them to other designs with a photo editing tool, you have the complete flexibility to do so.

An overview of QR Code Generator PRO's customization options
An overview of QR Code Generator PRO’s customization options

Editable and updatable

The majority of our QR Codes come in Dynamic versions as opposed to Static. While Static QR Codes are more suitable for one-time use, because they can’t be edited, Dynamic QR Codes can. This relieves any issues with needing to update your content linked to a QR Code later on because you don’t need to redesign your QR Code to do so. The external appearance remains the same, while the internal content can be updated as needed – even if you swap out your QR Code type later.

Trackable and integrable with Google Analytics

The second benefit of using Dynamic QR Codes is that you can track them, which is the key reason for the growing popularity of QR Codes used in marketing campaigns. When using QR Code Generator PRO, you can view real-time QR Code scan metrics, including location by city and country, unique vs. total scans, operating device used, and time scanned. This makes QR Code campaign optimization for print, digital, and multi-channel marketing easily applicable. Furthermore, you can integrate Dynamic QR Codes with Google Analytics so that you can monitor the entire customer journey and make sure your QR Codes effectively engage your target audience.

An example of QR Code campaign tracking with QR Code Generator PRO
An example of QR Code campaign tracking with QR Code Generator PRO

Seamless connection between print and digital

Whereas many marketers have de-emphasized their print marketing budgets, QR Code Generator PRO’s mission is to breathe new life into print advertising. Take a poster ad, for example. This type of advertising has been used for decades. Still, with the advent of digital platforms, poster ads needed to be focused on connecting users with digital links to complete purchases. Without QR Codes, this is next to impossible to happen accurately. First off, when someone walks by a poster ad without a QR Code, there’s no way for them to save the link they need to make a purchase. You just simply have to hope they do it later. So, instead of guessing and making the process difficult, add a QR Code to the poster. This makes it easier for customers and marketers as the entire process is seamless and trackable.

An example of a QR Code on a poster ad
A QR Code makes it easier for your audience to access digital content from print ads

Real examples of QR Codes in marketing campaigns

How exactly are QR Codes used in marketing campaigns? To give you some direction on how this works, the following are some examples of QR Codes used in marketing from real brands.

Doctor Who combines QR Code and AR in a TV spot

BBC America wanted to enrich the user experience for the most dedicated Doctor Who fans. They used a QR Code to connect viewers with an AR (augmented reality) experience in which they scanned a QR Code to see virtual imagery set within the real show’s surroundings. Fans could also directly interact with the TARDIS, the show’s fictional time machine. The best part? The viewers didn’t need a separate app for it to work, so it was convenient to use. The QR Codes were also promoted during special screenings of Doctor Who in theaters.

QR Codes to enable user access to augmented reality within Doctor Who
QR Codes to enable user access to augmented reality within Doctor Who. Image by Robert Williams at Mobile Marketer

How to copy this QR Code idea: There are a few ways to connect your audience with digital content like this. In case you want your audience to experience AR with an app, you can connect them to your app with an App Store QR Code. If you’re connecting them with a web-based AR platform instead, you’ll likely need a Dynamic URL Code, which you can reuse for other campaigns later.

Chipzskut improves product displays with QR Codes

Chipzkut is a food retailer in Malaysia that uses QR Codes on their product displays to conveniently connect their customers with their digital content, such as to drive online traffic to purchase via mobile.

How to copy this QR Code idea: Product displays are a fantastic way to connect your customers with digital platforms as it can be done in countless ways and with a wide variety of marketing purposes. For example, you can promote all of your social media channels on one page with a Social Media QR Code. Or, show your customers the process of manufacturing your product using a Video QR Code for full transparency.

Smarteyes connects readers to online shop with QR Codes

Smarteyes is a Swedish sunglass retailer that used a QR Code to promote their online shop on a magazine ad. Because many of their users purchase from them online, the QR Code seamlessly connects their customers to purchase the advertised sunglasses with just a single scan.

How to copy this QR Code idea: All types of QR Codes can be used on magazine ads. The right type depends on your marketing goals. Use a Dynamic URL Code to direct your customers to a landing page or use a Coupon QR Code to attract new customers. If that’s not enough, use an Image Gallery QR Code to show detailed product images to convince your customers to make a purchase.

Pepsi boosts its giveaway campaign with QR Codes on packages

Pepsi used QR Codes on their beverage packaging as a part of a giveaway during the holiday season. Their customers have the chance to win small cash prizes and then choose whether to gift it to a friend or donate it to the United Way, Pepsi’s charity of choice. There’s also a “scrooge” option where users can keep their winnings for themselves. For customers that register an account during the process, they receive an additional chance to win a four-day trip to Puerto Rico. This had massive benefits for Pepsi as they increased their brand awareness, purchases, and new account registrations, which could then be used for email marketing later.

An overview of Pepsi’s QR Code giveaway campaign
An overview of Pepsi’s QR Code giveaway campaign. Image from Barbara A. Pellow at piworld.com 

How to copy this QR Code idea: Since Pepsi wanted their customers to first create accounts on a website, this QR Code campaign likely used a Dynamic URL QR Code that brought them to a landing page to enter the giveaway. If you’re not using the same mechanism, the easiest way to duplicate this campaign is to use a Social Media QR Code on your packaging instead. This way, you can encourage your customers to follow your social channels to automatically be entered into the giveaway (plus, your follower count will grow tremendously).

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