Tablevibe and QR Code Generator Partner, Offering Restaurants Contactless Solutions for Customers

COVID-19 has been tough on the hospitality business, and those restaurants that managed to succeed in spite of challenges presented by the pandemic found creative ways to stay afloat. While many completely overhauled their operations to enable contactless deliveries and other services, some rethought every single touchpoint to make customer experiences pandemic-proof. 

This fueled the adoption of QR Codes throughout the industry. Now, to make QR Code-based engagement and touchless solutions across the customer lifecycle accessible to any restaurant, Tablevibe and QR Code Generator have formed a new, close-working partnership. 

There are four key areas where QR Codes have helped the restaurants overcome the demands of a rapidly-changing industry.

1. Enabling no-touch ordering

As restaurants reopen, Nearly a third of consumers say disposable or single-use menus would make them feel safer. But there’s a problem: single-use or disposable menus are an environmentally unfriendly move. This is why successful restaurateurs use QR Code Generator to let their customers scan and order from right from their smartphones instead of a printed menu. “There is no need to download anything additional (…) this is a real consumer win,” said Robert Byrne from Technomic.

2. Accepting contactless transactions

Customers expect payments to be accepted without any physical contact between them and restaurant staff. While legacy vendors make contactless transactions with cards more accessible, digital wallets such as PayPal, Venmo, Shopback, and others offer attractive alternatives for fully wireless purchases. Free QR Codes from QR Code Generator often serve as an entry point into such payment experiences.

3. Touch-free customer insights

Understanding the guest experience is vital to the success of any restaurant. While 92% of guests do not provide feedback in person, Tablevibe effectively captures guest feedback and delivers actionable performance insights through a rewarded QR-code survey. When compared with traditional surveys, this has an improved response rate of up to 26 times more responses.

4. Digitizing customer engagement

Tablevibe boosts a restaurant’s digital ratings by asking delighted guests to share their feedback directly on Google. Guests also receive an email with a digital coupon, which accelerates rebookings and generates customer loyalty.

With Tablevibe and QR Code generator, touchless solutions across the customer lifecycle are now even more accessible. If you’re a professional in the food and beverage industry, a QR Code Generator and or Tablevibe account provides you all the benefits of a streamlined service and helps you offer your guests the contactless solutions the industry now needs.

Mathieu Sneep

Originally from Amsterdam, Mathieu has been living in Europe and Asia since 2011. After working for Google in Singapore, he founded to help any restaurant own and grow their customer relationships. Feel free to connect with Mathieu on LinkedIn or book a free demo on

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