Best Practices

How to Use QR Codes for Humanitarian Efforts

Find out how you can use the power of QR Code tech to further extend humanitarian efforts.

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Why Digital Advertising Campaigns Need QR Codes to Level Up

Want to make your digital ad more interactive? Throw a QR Code in the mix and engage your audience like never before.

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5 Creative Uses of QR Codes to Play Around With

Want to push your marketing efforts to the edge? QR codes know no bounds! Get your creative juices flowing with 5 innovative QR code ideas.

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Simplify Donation Collection with QR Codes

Donation collection needn’t be complicated. Ditch the old-school cash payments and embrace a cashless digital solution — QR Codes.

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5 Original QR Code Date Ideas for Your Dating Life

The dating world can be scary and downright… awkward. But if you play your cards right, you may just crack the code. QR Codes may be just what you need to spice up your dating life.

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How QR Codes Can Help Increase Sales Productivity

Improve sales productivity and performance with QR Codes. Improve sales team motivation with these top 8 tips on QR Code usage!

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4 Simple Ways to Gather Feedback with a QR Code Survey

Want to know what needs tweaking in your business? Don’t play the guessing game, ask your customers. With QR Codes surveys, we make collecting feedback a breeze.

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3 Ways You Can Make Your Business Networking Digital with QR Codes

These days, handing out a printed business card might make you seem a little behind the times. Here’s how QR Codes can help you go digital — and keep you on top of the game.

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Looking to the Future: Building Your Business Growth Strategy with QR Codes

Thinking long-term about your business needs a strategy all of its own, and QR Codes are here to lead your way.

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Level Up Your Technology Marketing Strategy with QR Codes

Innovation, disruption, QR Codes: the three big ideas you need to get your technology marketing strategy off the ground.

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