New! Bitly QR Code Index H1 2022

QR Codes are seemingly everywhere these days. From new home listings and doctor appointment check-ins, to wireless access in hotel rooms, and the activation of TV ads and direct mail – we’re seeing brands and businesses of all sizes building QR Codes into their marketing strategy and creating new ways to interact with audiences.

In our new Bitly QR Code Index, we analyze quantitative and qualitative data from QR Code Generator, the newest family member of Bitly, to uncover key trends and behaviors driving global QR Code creation and use cases. In this report, we look at relations between country, industry and customer engagement to help marketers, influencers, and businesses of all types understand the developments coming down the line, as well as see examples of innovative ways QR Codes are being used to take marketing and communications to the next level.

Some key 2022 findings include:

  • 200%+ growth in QR Code usage across key industries
    • The Finance industry is leading in growth, followed by the Healthcare and Government Services industries
  • 40%+ increase in QR Code engagement in 2022
    • The Finance industry is leading in engagement, followed by Music & Art Influencers

Download the full Bitly QR Code Index to discover additional QR Code trends and findings in H1 2022.

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