Bring your QR Codes to life with frames
Frames make your QR Codes stand out and get them more scans
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Choose a frame set for your QR Codes
Basic QR Code Frames
Classic ‘Scan me!’ frames are always a good choice. Suited for all kinds of QR Codes, these frames will make more people scan yours.
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vCard QR Code Frames
If your QR Code is about making new contacts, choose one of these ready-made frames that perfectly fit on your business cards.
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Facebook QR Code Frames
Collecting Facebook fans with QR Codes is a smart choice and with these frames you'll get some extra scans and page likes.
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PDF QR Code Frames
For whatever reason you are providing PDFs with your QR Codes, this universal frame set will help you to attract more viewers.
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App QR Code Frames
You are promoting your mobile iOS or Android apps via QR Codes? Go with this frame set to push your scans and app installs.
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